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History of D&S Machined Products

Industrial Automation Surplus

D&S Machined Products was founded by David Ice in 1990. D&S was an Industrial Automation Builder servicing the greater Minneapolis area. In 2004 David started a small eBay store with the purpose of selling quality new and used Industrial Automation components that were left over from projects or traded in when new equipment was installed. In August 2011 David sold his business to Christian Svensgaard and retired to his farm in Northern Minnesota. Christian decided to grow the sale of new and used quality automation equipment. In 2012 the company was moved to our current location in Maple Grove, MN into a 20,000 square foot facility.

Who are we today

D&S only focus today is to generate value for our customers and suppliers. We buy and sell a wide array of Industrial Automation and support equipment. We enjoy relationships with many high tech companies around the state and around the country and take all their surplus from the production lines and support equipment to the kitchen sink. We dismantle most of the equipment we receive down to generic components. We then clean up, inspect and test the components it if at all possible, before we put them up for sale. We strive to keep configuration of proprietary equipment confidential and to generate revenue for our suppliers. We strive to offer quality new and used Automation Equipment at an attractive price.

Company Blog

Gears and Gearheads

Motors have two important characteristics that must be considered when designing machinery. The first is speed and the second is torque. Torque is the measurement of rotational force applied to resistance. If the torque needed to overcome resistance is too low then the motor will stall. A simple example would be moving a vehicle from […]

Variable Frequency Drive Sale

In the constantly changing world of production and manufacturing companies need to keep pace. With various revisions, changes and adaptations of products comes different manufacturing parameters. Motors that need to run faster suddenly need to slow down. Other steps that were slower need to speed up. Even the layout of the production floor can change the required machinery and equipment needed. Companies like Emerson, Allen Bradley, General Electric, Yaskawa and Omron manufacture drives capable of making the complex calculations needed to control a motor’s speed and can be reprogrammed to change with demand.

This week D&S Machined Products is offering a sale on all Variable Frequency Drives. Save an additional 15% off our already below retail prices. Visit our eBay store to take advantage of the savings.

Variable frequency drives

In one of our first posts we discussed the importance of the electric motor and how industry excelled because of it. The electric motor could be placed in close proximity of workers without the noise and health hazards of steam or internal combustion engines. However the speed of a motor can not be controlled without including additional parts and accessories unlike using a valve to control steam power or a governor for a internal combustion engine.

Pneumatic actuator and accessories sale

This week D&S Machined Products is offering 15% off our large selection of pneumatic actuators and accessories. This includes our stock of linear actuators, rotary actuators, pneumatic grippers, and other accessories by top brands like SMC, Robohand, Parker, ASCO, MAC, Numatic and many more!