About Us

History of D&S Machined Products

Industrial Automation Surplus

D&S Machined Products was founded by David Ice in 1990. D&S was an Industrial Automation Builder servicing the greater Minneapolis area. In 2004 David started a small eBay store with the purpose of selling quality new and used Industrial Automation components that were left over from projects or traded in when new equipment was installed. In August 2011 David sold his business to Christian Svensgaard and retired to his farm in Northern Minnesota. Christian decided to grow the sale of new and used quality automation equipment. In 2012 the company was moved to our current location in Maple Grove, MN into a 20,000 square foot facility.

Who are we today

D&S only focus today is to generate value for our customers and suppliers. We buy and sell a wide array of Industrial Automation and support equipment. We enjoy relationships with many high tech companies around the state and around the country and take all their surplus from the production lines and support equipment to the kitchen sink. We dismantle most of the equipment we receive down to generic components. We then clean up, inspect and test the components it if at all possible, before we put them up for sale. We strive to keep configuration of proprietary equipment confidential and that to generate revenue for our suppliers. We strive to offer quality new and used Automation Equipment at an attractive price.

Company Blog

Sensor Sale

Last week we discussed a few of the different types of proximity sensors available on the market. Today we are announcing a sale on all sensors in our eBay store until August 4th. The sale includes such brands as Banner, Turck, SMC, Robohand, IFM Efector, Sick and Allen Bradley just to name a few. Just look for the “Sale” banner on our listings to save you an additional 15% off our already under retail pricing.

Proximity Sensors

There are as many different proximity sensors in the industry as there are different machines. Some types include inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors and even radar sensors. Each have their strengths and limitations for a particular application. Inductive and capacitive sensors are cheap and readily available. However as the sensing range increases, the cost increases as well. A photoelectric sensor works well for distance, but with too much ambient light could fail or worse have false positives. Ultrasonic sensors work well for fluids that can not come in contact with a physical device, but the ultrasonic signal can ruin a fermentation processes. Three of the most common types of proximity sensors are inductive sensors, capacitive sensors and photoelectric sensors.

Sale on temperature regulating and control parts

This week D&S Machined Products is proud to offer a discount on the entire stock of temperature regulating and control parts. All items are marked 10% below our already below retail pricing. Take advantage of these savings on laboratory ovens, environmental chambers, water baths, chillers and more! The sale also includes all the controls, gauges […]

Heat Transfer

Heat can be a benefit or a limitation on manufacturing and designing. Understanding the different ways heat travels can vastly change the type and way the heat is utilized. Heat is defined as the average kinetic energy of the atoms in a space. The more energy the atoms have, the higher the temperature is. There are three main ways heat transfers from one place to another. Conduction, Convection and Radiation.