About Us

History of D&S Machined Products

Industrial Automation Surplus

D&S Machined Products was founded by David Ice in 1990. D&S was an Industrial Automation Builder servicing the greater Minneapolis area. In 2004 David started a small eBay store with the purpose of selling quality new and used Industrial Automation components that were left over from projects or traded in when new equipment was installed. In August 2011 David sold his business to Christian Svensgaard and retired to his farm in Northern Minnesota. Christian decided to grow the sale of new and used quality automation equipment. In 2012 the company was moved to our current location in Maple Grove, MN into a 20,000 square foot facility.

Who are we today

D&S only focus today is to generate value for our customers and suppliers. We buy and sell a wide array of Industrial Automation and support equipment. We enjoy relationships with many high tech companies around the state and around the country and take all their surplus from the production lines and support equipment to the kitchen sink. We dismantle most of the equipment we receive down to generic components. We then clean up, inspect and test the components it if at all possible, before we put them up for sale. We strive to keep configuration of proprietary equipment confidential and to generate revenue for our suppliers. We strive to offer quality new and used Automation Equipment at an attractive price.

Company Blog

PLC Sale

D&S Machined Products is happy to announce the return of the PLC Sale! All items in our PLC / Control category are 15% off our already below retail prices. This sale includes such well known brands as Allen Bradley, Omron, SMC, Parker, Turck and Cognex just to name a few. Save money on CPU Modules, Input / Output Modules, analogue controls, digital controls plus many more!

Machine Safety Sale

When designing large industrial equipment safety is a top concern, incorporating adequate safety measures to prevent incidents and lost production time is a necessity. Light curtains and safety switches are two examples of safety equipment that make up a larger safety net. Both have their own unique purpose and specific job to protect the health of the workers who work in close proximity with these large machines and to apply a fail-safe when needed to prevent accidents from occurring.

Gearbox and Gearmotor Sale

With the evolution of gearboxes and gearmotors from the industrial revolution to the present day many different kinds of gearboxes and gearmotors are available to the public. From the different placement of the gears including planetary gearboxes, parallel gearboxes and screw gearboxes to the way the gears are cut. Gearboxes and gearheads have been refined and perfected to where they can be installed on servomotors giving even more possible applications.

To browse our selection of gearboxes and gearmotors 15% our already below retail prices, visit our eBay store!

Gears and Gearheads

Motors have two important characteristics that must be considered when designing machinery. The first is speed and the second is torque. Torque is the measurement of rotational force applied to resistance. If the torque needed to overcome resistance is too low then the motor will stall. A simple example would be moving a vehicle from […]