About Us

History of D&S Machined Products

Industrial Automation Surplus

D&S Machined Products was founded by David Ice in 1990. D&S was an Industrial Automation Builder servicing the greater Minneapolis area. In 2004 David started a small eBay store with the purpose of selling quality new and used Industrial Automation components that were left over from projects or traded in when new equipment was installed. In August 2011 David sold his business to Christian Svensgaard and retired to his farm in Northern Minnesota. Christian decided to grow the sale of new and used quality automation equipment. In 2012 the company was moved to our current location in Maple Grove, MN into a 20,000 square foot facility.

Who are we today

D&S only focus today is to generate value for our customers and suppliers. We buy and sell a wide array of Industrial Automation and support equipment. We enjoy relationships with many high tech companies around the state and around the country and take all their surplus from the production lines and support equipment to the kitchen sink. We dismantle most of the equipment we receive down to generic components. We then clean up, inspect and test the components it if at all possible, before we put them up for sale. We strive to keep configuration of proprietary equipment confidential and to generate revenue for our suppliers. We strive to offer quality new and used Automation Equipment at an attractive price.

Company Blog

History of Computers

Computers in one form or another have been with us for thousands of years. One of the earliest forms of a computer dates back to the abacus which was used in Babylonia as early as 2400 BC. This device consistent of a metal plate and seven or more slots containing beads was the first portable calculating device and was mainly used by engineers, merchants and tax collectors of the time.

Laboratory Equipment Sale

Laboratory equipment plays a critical role in development and quality control of a product. Manufacturing components and products requires testing under a wide range of conditions to ensure the quality and service life of the product. To get accurate readings the laboratory equipment must have exacting precision and calibration to get a correct reading the first time and every time after. For this reason laboratory equipment is kept away from the production floor to prevent additional damage or introduce a bias into the equipment. With plenty of care and safeguards laboratory equipment can last well beyond it’s designed service life making an investment that returns for years to come.

Power Supplies Sale

There is a wide range of voltages needed for an even wider range of applications in all aspects of modern life. From the door bell in your home to the computer you are using to read this article power supplies are everywhere. Power supplies come in all shapes and sizes from open frame to enclosed, the size of a pack of playing cards to taking up an entire room to power a company’s computer servers. Power supplies can also vary in voltage and power. The average laptop power supply consumes 100W of power. Compare that to a power supply for a room of computer servers that needs kilowatts of power stored in batteries to keep operating during a blackout.

AC & DC Motor Sale

This week at D&S Machined Products we are offering huge discounts on already low prices on our AC & DC Motors! All motors will be reduced 15% our already below retail prices! Every motor from our Pittman DC small frame gear-motors to Parker Brushless Servo Motors to our large size 40 horsepower and above motors are included in this sale. Look for the 15% off banner on the items in our eBay store. Maximize your savings with additional discounts on orders over $5,000 with free domestic freight & shipping.